Gentoo on Strato vServer

This post is based on a post I found in the Gentoo wiki and should give some tips for setting up a Gentoo container for Virtuozzo/OpenVZ.

Before I start, let me say a few words about the background and about my experience with current service providers, which really drive me nuts! A few days ago, I wanted to install the latest WordPress updates and was confused when the WordPress 3.2.1 update failed because of not supporting MySQL 4 anymore. I checked the version of the MySQL server and figured out that my current hosting provider Server4You still has MySQL 4 installed on my web hosting server. So I asked them to update the MySQL server software to a current stable release. Unfortunately they told me that they can’t update the server since this would bring another huge amount of updates. I don’t think that any distribution still offers long term support for MySQL 4 – correct me if I’m wrong. This is why I decided to rent a vServer from Strato.
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USB Tethering on Gentoo using Cyanogenmod7

I had some trouble when setting up USB tethering on a Gentoo Linux 2.6.38-gentoo-r6. I setup genkernel following a post at continue reading »


Lenovo W510 Integrated Webcam & Face Authentication

Getting tired of typing my root’s password each sudo, I was looking for a more efficient method to authenticate myself. Since I don’t need high security on my notebook, I was wondering whether one can use the integrated webcam of my notebook to do some basic face authentication. There exists a pluggable authentication module (pam) which is doing face identification based on the Open Source Computer Vision library. continue reading »


Suspend2 on Thinkpad W510

Following my previous posts and using xhci & xhci_hcd for USB 3.0 support leads to problems when suspend to disk/ram: Some USB 3.0 devices just don’t suspend and the hibernate process will be canceled. continue reading »


Lenovo W510 Fingerprint Reader & Gnome Integration

This post is based upon setting up Gentoo on a Lenovo Thinkpad W510 and shows how to setup the fingerprint reader and integrate into Gnome desktop environment. continue reading »


Setup Gentoo on Lenovo Thinkpad W510

Setting up Gentoo Linux on a Lenovo device is straight forwarded since Lenovo already supports several linux distributions and lots of manuals and further readings. continue reading »


Fvwm Configuration

This is my custom fvwm configuration for F Virtual Window Manager. This configuration works well in combination with Gnome desktop environment. The configuration is thought to combine the advantages of an highly configurable window manager and a plain desktop environment.
I stopped using fvwm and started using awesome. Fell free to use my configuration as starting point for yours. It is really clean and well documented. Have fun!

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Booting Gentoo from USB Hard Disk

I installed my Gentoo on my internal hard disk. Due to mobility I think about moving my system to a portable USB hard disk. The first idea was to use an initial ram disk image to load the USB drivers and load the main system. I read some things about creating an inital ram disk image (initrd) by using mkinitrd and come to the end, that there has to be a solution which is more easier than using an initrd.
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Burning CD/DVD using the Shell

It’s not very difficult to write CD/DVD’s from the linux shell. Here’s is a short summary how to burn CD/DVD’s using mkisofs and cdrecord. continue reading »


Gentoo, Gnome & Vmware Trouble

After another world-update (Vmware Workstation 5.5.3 build-34685, D-Bus Message Bus Daemon 1.0.2) I got the following errors when I try to start vmware:

$ /opt/vmware/workstation/bin/vmware
/opt/vmware/workstation/lib/bin/vmware: /opt/vmware/workstation/lib/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/
process 1777: Attempt to remove filter function 0xb6c80c20 user data 0x8805038, but no such filter has been added
D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace
/opt/vmware/workstation/lib/bin/vmware: /opt/vmware/workstation/lib/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/
/opt/vmware/workstation/lib/bin/vmware: /opt/vmware/workstation/lib/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/
process 1788: Attempt to remove filter function 0xb7006c20 user data 0x8806c80, but no such filter has been added
D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace

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