Firefox Addon for Clipperz Password Manager

Keep your data to yourself!

Clipperz Community Edition is a community driven, free and anonymous online password manager based on on the Open Source Javascript Crypto Library. Clipperz is an online service so you can access your passwords from everywhere. Your data is stored decrypted on a server and will be encrypted locally within your browser using your personal passphrase. This ensures that only you can access your data! The Clipperz Community Edition is Open Source, so you can browse the code and see what is going on or you can event host your own Clipperz Community Edition. This is a huge profit since there is no third party involved! If you are interested in hosting your own Clipperz Community Edition backend, refer to the building and installing steps at GitHub.

Clipperz Integration

Because of Clipperz is a javascript application running as a webpage within your browser, it does not integrate well into your daily process. Before you can proceed an authentication process, you have to login to Clipperz, look for the corresponding password entry and copy & paste your username and password. Clipperz introduces some tools where you can easily create so called direct logins using a javascript bookmarklet. Since this is very inconvenient and time consuming I decided to write a Firefox Addon with some beneficial features:

  • Integrates Clipperz into the Mozilla Firefox browser, no need to open the Clipperz Community Edition webpage.
  • Automatically fills in your username and password for any registered direct login.
  • Provides easy access to add, modify or delete a direct login of the currently active webpage.
  • Integrates a password generator into the Firefox browser.
  • Enables auto-login for Clipperz webpage and widget if activated.
  • Connects either to the public Clipperz portal or to a third party hosted Clipperz Community Edition.
  • Hopefully opens the way to even more features …

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