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We introduce a Python and jQuery based web interface that can be used to manage multiple Homecontrol devices and to build a customized Homecontrol system on top of them. The web interface comes with a Python based backend that allows to run the system on various target platforms such as Open/DD-WRT based routers where software support is limited or where a pre-installed webserver is just not available.

Events, Signals & Jobs

The backend provides a RESTful web API to access your Homecontrol devices and manage capturing or sending of their raw data that is encapsulated in so called events, signals and jobs.
Events abstract raw data which is a set of one or more IR or RF timings that have been received by a Homecontrol device. Those events can be captured from the system by setting a device into a listening mode. The received events can be grouped into a signal and re-send later. Depending on the event types it is advisable to keep only single events e.g. for RF timings or a set of multiple events e.g. for consecutive infrared timings. Examples for signals might be “Desk Lights On” that contains RF timings to switch on your desk lights or “TV Standby” that contains IR timings that sets your television into standby mode.
Finally you can add multiple signals from different devices to a so called job which then can execute a complete task like switching off your desk lights while turning on your TV and switching it to AV mode. These jobs can then be executed manually, from a custom plugin or scheduled as a cronjob to be executed periodically.


The Homecontrol web interface is plugin driven which makes it easy to extend or customize by writing own plugins or modifying existing ones. A plugin consists of a backend and a frontend part. The backend part is written in Python and can be used to extend the webserver including the communication with the Homecontrol devices and the appropriate REST API. The frontend plugin part can be used to extend the HTML5 and jQuery based web interface that handles the user interaction and sends appropriate commands to the Homecontrol devices through the REST API of the backend.

Getting Started